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According to scholars, any pain that persists for longer than six months is termed chronic pain. Unfortunately, thousands suffer from this condition that is characterized by considerable suffering, physical limitations and of course emotional stress. And despite treatments with analgesic and other physical modalities, chronic pain remains one of the most common problems why people seek medical attention. Today in Australia it is estimated that 1 in 5 people suffer from chronic pain, more so, while 75% of cancer patients equally experience persistent pains that just wouldn’t go away. Recent studies show that chronic pain is the reason for the spike in complementary and alternative therapies.


While other treatment options for chronic pain have done very little to alleviate the suffering of people dealing with chronic pain, cognitive hypnotherapy has been proven to reduce pain and also costs associated with chronic pain treatment. People suffering chronic pain not only experiencelimited movement, but it affects them emotionally and they are often unable to continue performing the activities they love.

When cognitive hypnosis is deployed in the treatment of chronic pain, patients usually experience an instant relief in the severity of the pain they are felling. More so, others can enjoy a reduction in pain with repeated sessions of cognitive treatment. The icing on the cake is that cognitive hypnotherapy comes with no side effects whatsoever.


There is a massive amount of study conducted on the benefits of cognitive hypnotherapy in the treatment of chronic pain. And from findings, this treatment option is an amazing alternative treatment for people who haven’t had success with other treatments, especially the use of pain relievers like analgesic and its likes. It’s safe to say that from findings and other controlled treatment using cognitive hypnotherapy, there is no doubt that chronic pain sufferers will hugely benefit from this incredible treatment option for chronic pain.


Cognitive hypnotherapy is an amazing treatment option available to people suffering from chronic pain. This treatment involves hypnotic induction with various suggestions for relaxation and comfort. This treatment option can bring about instant relief from chronic pain as it lures patients into a state of relaxation and through the use of hypnotic suggestions, the unconscious mind is engaged to develop new neural pathways and responses to pain.

Another focus of this treatment involves teaching patients’ self-hypnosis or providing them with recorded tapes of sessions which can be used by the patients to help reduce the pain they experience on a daily basis outside of session.


With the incredible success, this treatment option has enjoyed when it comes to relieving chronic pain; it’s easy to conclude that cognitive hypnotherapy is a fantastic treatment that should be recommended for people dealing with chronic pains.

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