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Jayne, the sessions we had bought thought clarity during a stressful time for me and established simple techniques to overcome the anxiety attacks that were holding me back. KH       

Drummoyne. NSW

Thank you Leanne, over the time I have been coming to see you I am already 8kg lighter and I feel great for it! Your sessions helped me to set and keep to my goals, and really opened my eyes to the things I didn’t realise I was doing. Thanks so much for your help. 

Lane Cove, NSW

I started coming to see Jayne (with a Y) for my Anxiety and assistance with studying as I had returned to studying well into my 30's. On my last session, Jayne was going over my notes with me, and I didn’t recognise the person that came in on that first day, I feel transformed and free. Thank you Jayne for supporting me.

Drummoyne, NSW

I didn’t think I had a problem with Gambling, I now realise that it had become a real problem for me and my family. After three sessions with Leanne I had stopped gambling and after 5 sessions was feeling confident to have a drink with mates and not to be tempted. I didn’t realise how much pressure I was under. 

Mark G

Roselle, NSW

I came to Mind My Body to help me stop smoking. After just one session with Jane I stopped smoking that day. I could not believe that I had no cravings. I felt like I had never been a smoker. Thank you for helping to change my life.

Maroubra, NSW

You have helped me make real positive changes in my life. My relationship with my wife and my kids is so much better. Drinking is no longer a problem for me and I feel much happier. 

Bruce P

Gordon, NSW

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