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Rhondda Stewart


Rhondda’s early background in the 1970’s was in sales, marketing and Human Resources, progressing into  therapy-based areas in early 1980’s and training as an educator. Rhondda has created and designed training programs in therapy-based curriculum and taught Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy for over 20 years.


In early 2000 Rhondda built her own Registered Training Organisation, Holistic Healing Co Pty. Ltd trading as Australian College of Hypnotherapy & Infinity Institute. Offer training in the Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy, Advanced Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy and NLP and Diploma of Counselling. She sold Holistic Healing Co Pty Ltd late in 2018


Rhondda is currently running a private therapy practice, working with clients both in the business and private sector. She also teaches, workshops and runs therapy-based programs under her new company Clover Institute.

Rhondda continues to update her own training to ensure she is equipped with the latest techniques in her field as an Educator and Practitioner.

Leanne Varley


Leanne’s introduction to NLP and Hypnotherapy happened due to unfortunate circumstances, but eventually became her life’s work. In 1997, Leanne was severely injured in a car accident. After months of hospitalisation and years of therapy, she discovered NLP and Hypnotherapy as effective ways to manage pain and regain mobility. When she was finally able to return to normal life, Leanne began training others using these tools in her work as a Human Resource Specialist to help people achieve their goals.


Following this journey, Leanne spent many years living in Russia where she became interested in Ayurveda, a holistic system concerning food and lifestyle, designed to maintain and improve health. It became clear to her that the keys to true health and happiness indeed come from both mental habits, as well as physical ones.


Today, Leanne is thrilled to be able to incorporate NLP and Hypnotherapy into all aspects of both her personal and professional life through Mind My Body. She feels extremely rewarded helping her clients create the ideal balance between mind and body.


In addition to being a NLP Master Practitioner, Leanne holds an Advanced Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy and CBT. Leanne has experience working in IT Sales and HR Recruitment and Personal Development. 


In her personal life, Leanne enjoys making and drinking the latest green smoothies and exploring natural remedies she can share with her clients.

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Business development

Specialising in


Chronic Pain & Trauma 

Jayne Moran


A strong believer in the power of a holistic approach to health and wellness, Jayne Moran brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the practice. After completing her studies as a nurse in 1993, Jayne continued her studies in Psychotherapy, Clinical Hypnosis, NLP and Vibrational & Energetic Medicine.


Jayne holds an Advanced Diploma of Clinical hypnosis, NLP Master Practitioner, Diploma of Psychotherapy and Clinical Behavioural Therapy. Jayne employs a variety of therapeutic techniques in her work to stimulate the body’s natural healing ability and promote growth and self-awareness. She regularly counsels her clients on the benefits of food as medicine and compliments this with the teachings of Hypnotherapy, NLP, and Energetic & Vibrational Medicine.


Jayne has built a successful reputation with clients who consistently report immediate feelings of change, wellbeing, empowerment and relaxation under her care.

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