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Health & Wellbeing Counselling

Counselling offers a safe, confidential and supportive space, to help you explore your problems, share and gain insight into your feelings, thoughts and behaviour.

You may be feeling stuck in an aspect of your life or be experiencing an underlying sense of unhappiness or anxiety. Range of issues in particular:

Anxiety                                                   Depression

Bereavement                                        Anger Management

Concentrating or learning                  Eating problems

Gender identity                                    Relationships

Sexuality                                                Sleeplessness

Stress                                                     Substance misuse

Behavioural Issues                              Bereavement

Coping Skills                                         Parenting

Bullying                                                 School Issues

Self Esteem                                           Transgender

Chronic illness                                      Obsessive/compulsive behaviour​

The counsellor is there to help you identify and understand more clearly what is bothering you. The counsellor can help you to gain a different perspective on yourself and/or your problems and aid you in making choices and changes that feel right for you. 


Please schedule a free 20-minute phone consultation with one of our professionals, to discuss your needs and how we may be able to help? If it feels right, we can schedule a regular time to meet.

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